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Bad news.. Empty Bad news..

Post  [GM]Drea on Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:00 am

I would like to say, I'm sorry to our owner. He's in the hospital, Which means no server.
I would also like to say, I'm sorry to the rest of you who was waiting for this server.
There is still a chance for this server to be made, But not anytime soon.
This forum will be kept open for anyone to use.
Thanks for understanding.

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Bad news.. Empty Re: Bad news..

Post  [GM]Genesis on Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:24 am

Hello people, I am Genesis, (Cleric of 99Shine and 9919Shine Fighter) Most of people here waited this server, but now something bad happened.

I AM THE OWNER (or was...)

While i was on my way to get my server, I went with my "Friend" who was selling me the server for 12000$ I transfered him, I was happy and excited, but when I got there, I said if he got the money, his answer was...
Sorry David, But you Wont Understand me.
He took out a Gun, and Shooted me by the stomach.
While I was transfered to the Hospital, I just thought, its Over.
Now, my luck was high and this makes me think there is a God, I survived the attack. But trust me, is not beautiful to have a bullet inside your body.

Atm Im on the Hospital, I wrote all of this on the Hospital.

Our Dreams of having our own server are still not Death, I just ask for patience.


After some days on hospital, Im bout to leave it, took like 4-5 surgeries and alot of painful treatments but finally i will go out.

So people, im not still 100% fixed, but when i get to 100% Ill start to get money for new server.

Some people would say open a PayPal and recrut money but I will NOT do that, If something happends again, I wont like to have people`s money lost.

The official website will be made by my dear wife/[GM] Drea


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